QUICK L👀K AWAY!!!…If you don’t want to see my b👀ty 😜 This…

QUICK L👀K AWAY!!!…If you don’t want to see my b👀ty 😜 This post is for the ladies who are Derrière Deficient like me 😏 My shape works for modeling, but for the real world I am the “Bootyless Black Girl” 😏 Growing up I got various creative names such as “MicroMini” , “Extended Back”, “GrassHopper”, “Concave Booty “ and more. I refuse to get butt implants, I hate underwear with padding, and I am always finding reasons to put off exercising regularly.
When @DefyLingerie offered for me to try their products, I couldn’t resist. What caught my eye was that it is #shapewear that works with enhancing what I have. It gives a #PerkyButt effect. 👍🏾👌🏾 When I finally figured out how to put it on correctly (because it was necessary to watch the tutorial they have online), it was surprisingly quite comfortable and adjustable.

Sorry, I am not going to show a before pic of my booty without the #Defy #Cheeky. It was a challenge for me to expose myself like this and tell/show my secrets 🤭🤫😋. I just had to share for those of you who were also looking for comfortable shape wear to help leave a good impression when you exit the room 😏… ! ! ! !

Check out ➡️ DefyLingerie.com for more of their products. ! ! ! !

By the way, I am wearing the #DefyLingerie #CheekyGarter from their #CheekyCollection with a #thong, a #GarterBelt , #SeamedStockings and a #1950s #VintageBra

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